System Monitor with Voice Report  (part # 500-10050-00)

System Monitor with Voice Report (part # 500-10050-00)

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System Monitor with Voice Report Part # 500-10050-00 The MicroPulse™ System makes use of a solid state sensor per tank. The MicroPulse™ sensor measures the static (head) pressure at the bottom of the tank and transmits this information to the MicroPulse™ System Monitor. Knowing this pressure value, after a one time calibration has been performed, the MicroPulse™ System will calculate and accurately display the tank level in 1/8 increments. The new MicroPulse™ System completely does away with the failed probes, floats, and strips that all other tank monitor system rely on. Instead, it makes use of modern technology to measure tank levels in a way that cannot be affected by tank wall material, tank content, contamination, corrosion or clogging. In addition, the MicroPulse™ System Monitor is microprocessor based, providing a degree of accuracy and “friendliness” not possible with older designs. • No Probes • Simple Non Critical Installation • No Maintenance of Any Kind is Needed • Visual Indication VIA Tri-Color LED’s • High Accuracy; Reports in 1/8 Increments Monitors: Fresh Water Gray Water Black Water LP Gas Battery
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